Dust ‘Horitsuki’ Wu began to show his interests in tattoos when he was 18 years old. He started his apprenticeship a few years later at the age of 24 at Galaxy Tattoo 2 in Singapore under Nicckuhori, god son of the legendary Horiyoshi III. After years of learning about the art of tattooing, Dust moved back to Hong Kong and established his status as a professional tattoo artist. Over the years he has gained immense recognition and earned the respect of his peers for his efforts and experience in the field. He also actively travels to many parts of Europe and Asia as a much sought-after guest artist.

Dust specialises in traditional Japanese styles and possesses an unmistakable individual flair that he applies to all his artwork. Most of his clients sport large backpieces and sleeves of Koi fish, snakes, hanya masks, and the likes. He is infamous for his dragons however; hailed as the ‘Dragon King’ in Europe, Dust brings a very unique and signature style to the table with his brilliant dragon designs that are unbeatable for miles around.

Of course, Dust isn’t just limited to Japanese styles, he can cater to all styles of tattooing and loves to do fun pieces whether its kooky cartoon characters, colour biomechanical, or even original new school/old school creations.

Yin is a man of few words (if you speak English). His tattoos however, say more than words ever could. His black and grey photorealism is in such high demand that almost all of tend not to want anything else after skimming through his portfolio. Yin’s attention to detail is phenomenal and it is incredibly hard to find many artists that can create such vivid pieces. His style is somewhat dark, specializing in skulls and figures with a heavy air of mystery and a certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ that just seems to pull you in. Yin has been tattooing since early 2008 and his tattoo work can already attest to him possessing a flair and skill for tattoos that can only promise bigger and better things to come! This is one to definitely keep an eye on!

Electric Pick is a heavyweight in the tattooing industry and has been playing this game and dominating it for the last 16 years. He is originally from France and only moved to Hong Kong in 2011 to work part time at Galaxy Tattoo 3. He focuses mainly on his own style of tattooing that is more comic and graffiti/new school oriented. EPHK spends most of his time now working and focusing on his comic novels so to speak. He has successfully published his own hardcover comics that feature his one-of-a-kind style that he also tattoos on his clients. His personality, like his work is incredibly bright, colorful and larger than life!

Karmen is almost brand new to the scene and only started tattooing2 years ago in Hong Kong under a local apprenticeship. She first got a taste for tattoos at the age of 18 and that was that. Karmen is an all rounder that can cater to clients looking for tribal pieces to old school color work. She works at GT3 on a part time basis but definitely brightens up the room when she is around at the shop! Still relatively green to the industry Karmen is still developin her personal style, and in her spare time enjoys painting and drawing realistic and photo-realistic original creations.